Pelican Coolers Are Great For Fishermen

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 03:46 pm

As a pro fisherman, my cooler acts as my right hand man, coming with me on all of my fishing excursions that I make throughout the year. Just like a reliable fishing partner, it is important to ensure that your marine cooler is stacked with all of the proper characteristics to make your life easier. When it comes to a multi-faceted, high caliber cooler, my Pelican ProGear Elite 45 qt goes above and beyond the call of duty. Pelican Coolers knows exactly the right components to make a marine cooler that is perfect for the avid pro fisherman.

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Boat coolers tend to be exposed to a variety of weather patterns while fishing outdoors. I fish in Canada where the weather is as unpredictable as it can get, but with my Pelican ProGear Elite 45 qt’s premium roto-constructed exterior it can withstand just about any weather without suffering a lick of damage. The heavy-duty build of Pelican Coolers alone, has saved me plenty of money for the simple fact that I do not have to go out and replace my cooler every couple of years like I would have to for other manufacturers.

Pelican Coolers Ice Retention Is Superb

Preserving ice to properly refrigerate my catch is probably the most important necessity of a marine cooler. A spoiled catch can cost me large profits, so finding a cooler with the best ice retention is definitely within a fisherman’s best interest. When I first looking for a cooler on Discount Cooler Sales, I found some coolers that had 3-4 days ice retention, but sometimes I go on extended fishing trips that can go up to 7 days! But, finding a cooler with an ice retention past 4 days seemed like it would be as difficult as catching a trophy musky! That was until I found out about Pelican Coolers. The ice retention can last between an unbelievable 7-10 days! Imagine my surprise when after 7 days in 90 degree summer weather, that a large portion of the ice I had in the cooler was still retained! The amazing feature can be attributed to the 2-inch thick polyurethane insulation.

Size matters when it comes to picking an ice chest that suits your needs. In the fishing community, finding a cooler that is a big enough size to hold your refreshments, and your catches for the day is a big decision-making factor. Additionally, coolers must be compact enough to not take up too much room on your fishing boat. My fishing boat is about average sized and after my fishing trips, I usually come away with a fairly large catch. The Pelican ProGear Elite 45 qt can hold around 48 cans and 10 pounds of ice, which means it has plenty of room for my refreshments as well as my catch for the day. It also is of a small enough size to fit nicely on my fishing boat without taking up too much room.

When water gets choppy and boats rock back and forth, coolers tend to slide around the surface of the boat, and no one wants to dive into the water to retrieve a capsized cooler! This isn’t an issue with my Pelican Coolers due to the rubberized, non-skid feet that prevent any sort of sliding. Even during a storm, your Pelican ProGear Elite 45 qt will stay put on even the most slippery surfaces.

An easy drain plug for optimal water draining, dual handle systems that are rotomolded for sturdiness, and rugged pull latches are just some of the other components that I can brag about when talking about how great my Pelican ProGear Elite 45 qt ice chest is. If you are a fisherman and need a great marine cooler that will be the investment of your life, then go out and discover the great qualities of the Pelican Coolers brand.

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