Muskie Fishing In Canada: My Top Tips

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 03:48 pm

Muskie, AKA Musky, is the biggest and relatively uncommon predatory freshwater fish found in North America. They are nicknamed ┬áthe “Sharks of the north” and the largest member of the Esocidae or pike family. They have the reputation for being hard fighting and extremely aggressive. Muskie fishing in Canada is one of the most popular activities in Canada.

muskie fishing in canada

Musky Fishing In Ontario Canada

Ontario, Canada is one of the best destinations for Muskie fishing and also the home where some of the biggest Muskies ever caught. An average Muskie is in the range of 30-45 inch, but they can grow as big as 50-62 inch. Ontario is the best place to catch a monster Musky and there are some of the finest fishing lodges to make your fishing trip a memorable one.

Best Lakes For Muskie Fishing In Canada

If you are looking for Muskie Fishing in Canada and want to capture a trophy Musky, then we would suggest you to check out these lakes and rivers: Eagle Lake, Wabigoon Lake, Dinorwick Lake, Canyon Lake, French River, Lake Nipissing, Lake of the Woods, Ottawa River, St. Lawrence River, Lake Nosbonsin and Lake St. Clair. Even though Lac Suel (Lake of Soles) does not have an abundance of Muskies, it is also the home to some of the largest muskies reported in the last couple of years.

Best Season For Musky Fishing In Canada

Muskies are mainly found in weeds and rocks. So, if you find a lake with a good combination of rocks and weeds, then you are in a prime spot to catch a Muskie. During early season, Canadian Muskie can be found in emerging weed beds with warm water. As the summer approaches, Muskies often move away a little deeper and wait on the edge of weeds for it’s prey.

By mid-summer, they can be found on rock humps and weed or rock where the bait fish actively feeds. During the evening Muskies tend to get more active and can be found on reefs or isolated weed beds. During fall, you can find them on steep rock walls or open water where they chase baitfish. Every lake or river has its own seasonal peaks.
Some lakes that are shallow and have dark waters become more productive during early in the season, whereas deep lakes with clear water become productive in the latter half of the season.

Muskie Fishing Tips For Catching Muskies In Canada

There are various myths associated with Muskie fishing. You might have heard that you need to use really big lures or troll really fast to capture a Muskie. They are not always true when it comes to Muskie fishing.

Choice of Lures: Traditional myths suggest that you need to use bigger lures for catching a Muskie. The fact remains that you can catch a Muskie with any size lure. Anglers trolling with small, medium or big muskie lures are capable of catching Musky. The lure sizes depend on the amount of weeds inside the lake.

Trolling Speed: It is the key to a successful Muskie fishing trip. Many Muskie fishermen troll as fast as 10 MPH, but the ideal speed is between 4-8 MPH. You can catch Muskie by trolling very fast and generally the large Muskies tend to hit the faster baits. But with slower trolling you can catch Muskies of all sizes.

Tackle: It is recommended to use proper musky tackle. A bass rod, spinning rod or an old fiberglass musky rod would make your musky fishing more difficult. Using a rod which is too flexible or too light can make all the difference between catching a musky or not.

You need to choose a relatively long rod (around 7-8 feet) that will be able to handle the lures and help you in fishing. You also need to have a good bait casting reel to match your rod. Spinning reels or bass reels are not just good enough for musky fishing. When it comes to leaders, you should always look for a quality wire or steel leader with a sturdy ball bearing swivel.

Canadian Muskie Fishing: Patience Is Key

Patience is the key to successful Muskie fishing. You may fish for many hours and end up getting nothing and then start getting them like crazy in the next moment. It is important to have a positive attitude for Muskie fishing.

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Happy Fishing!

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