303 Fabric Guard – Canada Residents Should Know About This Product

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 03:47 pm

I don’t normally like to use my blog as a place for product reviews, but I was so impressed with this product, I felt compelled, in this case. In Canada, we have long winters, that are often long, cold, windy and snowy. 303 Fabric Guard Canada is the only product I have found in my experience which holds up to the beating that only mother nature can deliver to all of your fabrics which are exposed to the outdoor elements, being wind, rain, cold, ice, and snow. 303 products are of high quality and I believe deliver the value for my hard earned money.

303 Fabric Guard Canada – Review From A Canadian Outdoorsman

Last year, I began using 303 Fabric Guard Canada on the fabric in my fishing boat. It is tremendous for water repellency and stain repellency. It restored my boat’s fabric to new. It had not looked that good in many years. I was shocked at the difference after use. My boat takes lots of exposure to the elements during the year, and it was amazing the difference for the better that I saw.

303 fabric guard canada

Then after seeing how well it worked on my fishing boat, I tried the 303 Fabric guard on my patio furniture and umbrella. Not surprisingly, I saw the same outstanding results. I then tried it on the fabric interior of my vehicle, and I was pleased there as well. You can imagine the abuse that my patio furniture takes in the Canadian elements. Having something that works this well is imperative up here in Canada.

I read on MeanJoeClean.com that you can use the 303 products on rugs also, and that will probably be next in line for me to try. I have no doubt in my mind that the results for this will be excellent. I am sure there are many other possible applications for the 303 Fabric Guard Canada for me to discover in the future as well.

I understand from a friend of mine here in Canada that there is also a 303 Vinyl Protectant in the line of products as well. I think that if more people knew about 303 products, that it would be a household name. I highly recommend it to all of my friends, and anyone else looking to protect their fabrics, especially here in Canada.

Where I Buy 303 Fabric Guard Canada

I have seen this product available in many retail outlets, but my choice for where to buy this product is Amazon. I have purchased from Amazon because their price is lower and their delivery is excellent. I can order from other places, but typically on other sites and in the retail stores the price is higher, and I am always looking for value for my money.

So my recommendation is to pick up some 303 Fabric Guard Canada and get out and protect your fabrics, and you will see the results for this product speaks for itself. You will save lots of money on your fabrics using this product over time, not to mention that it makes your fabrics appearance look better, and in many cases restores your fabric to close to its original factory condition and appearance.

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