Pelican Coolers Are Great For Fishermen

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As a pro fisherman, my cooler acts as my right hand man, coming with me on all of my fishing excursions that I make throughout the year. Just like a reliable fishing partner, it is important to ensure that your marine cooler is stacked with all of the proper characteristics to make your life easier. When it comes to a multi-faceted, high caliber cooler, my Pelican ProGear Elite 45 qt goes above and beyond the call of duty. Pelican Coolers knows exactly the right components to make a marine cooler that is perfect for the avid pro fisherman.

pelican coolers

Boat coolers tend to be exposed to a variety of weather patterns while fishing outdoors. I fish in Canada where the weather is as unpredictable as it can get, but with my Pelican ProGear Elite 45 qt’s premium roto-constructed exterior it can withstand just about any weather without suffering a lick of damage. The heavy-duty build of Pelican Coolers alone, has saved me plenty of money for the simple fact that I do not have to go out and replace my cooler every couple of years like I would have to for other manufacturers.

Pelican Coolers Ice Retention Is Superb

Preserving ice to properly refrigerate my catch is probably the most important necessity of a marine cooler. A spoiled catch can cost me large profits, so finding a cooler with the best ice retention is definitely within a fisherman’s best interest. When I first looking for a cooler on Discount Cooler Sales, I found some coolers that had 3-4 days ice retention, but sometimes I go on extended fishing trips that can go up to 7 days! But, finding a cooler with an ice retention past 4 days seemed like it would be as difficult as catching a trophy musky! That was until I found out about Pelican Coolers. The ice retention can last between an unbelievable 7-10 days! Imagine my surprise when after 7 days in 90 degree summer weather, that a large portion of the ice I had in the cooler was still retained! The amazing feature can be attributed to the 2-inch thick polyurethane insulation.

Size matters when it comes to picking an ice chest that suits your needs. In the fishing community, finding a cooler that is a big enough size to hold your refreshments, and your catches for the day is a big decision-making factor. Additionally, coolers must be compact enough to not take up too much room on your fishing boat. My fishing boat is about average sized and after my fishing trips, I usually come away with a fairly large catch. The Pelican ProGear Elite 45 qt can hold around 48 cans and 10 pounds of ice, which means it has plenty of room for my refreshments as well as my catch for the day. It also is of a small enough size to fit nicely on my fishing boat without taking up too much room.

When water gets choppy and boats rock back and forth, coolers tend to slide around the surface of the boat, and no one wants to dive into the water to retrieve a capsized cooler! This isn’t an issue with my Pelican Coolers due to the rubberized, non-skid feet that prevent any sort of sliding. Even during a storm, your Pelican ProGear Elite 45 qt will stay put on even the most slippery surfaces.

An easy drain plug for optimal water draining, dual handle systems that are rotomolded for sturdiness, and rugged pull latches are just some of the other components that I can brag about when talking about how great my Pelican ProGear Elite 45 qt ice chest is. If you are a fisherman and need a great marine cooler that will be the investment of your life, then go out and discover the great qualities of the Pelican Coolers brand.

SeaStar Hydraulic Boat Steering Explained

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Last weekend, I helped my buddy Brian install a SeaStar hydraulic boat steering kit on his 27 foot cruiser. The job was much easier than I had anticipated, and the system made a huge improvement in his boat’s handling. I would definitely recommend a SeaStar hydraulic boat steering upgrade to anybody with a boat over 18 feet.

Hydraulic Boat Steering System Works Like Power Steering

Unlike your personal car, boats don’t have power steering. So, with larger boats, when making turns at any significant amount of speed you tend to get a lot of resistance in the boat steering wheel. Additionally, the steering cables on your boat can become stiff, or even completely freeze up, and they can also simply break. That means that you would have to do a boat steering cable replacement. With a hydraulic boat steering system, you don’t have to worry about those cables breaking, and there is little to no torque when turning the boat.

hydraulic boat steering

Essentially, the system works by using a helm pump. When the boat steering wheel is turned, the helm pump will force hydraulic fluid into the cylinder which in turn forces the cylinder rod to either extend or retract which then turns the engine. The use of the hydraulic boat steering system makes turning and maneuvering the boat a much easier task.

I found this video that does a pretty solid job of detailing exactly how a hydraulic boat steering system works.

Hydraulic Boat Steering Installation

While installing a hydraulic boat steering system may sound complicated at first, it is actually quite simple. Basically, the pump gets installed at the helm, and the hydraulic hoses run to the transom connecting to the cylinder ram. Of course, you need to first remove the old mechanical boat steering system. You should of course have the proper tools for this, which might include a Sawzall and some heavy duty bolt cutters. Removal of the old system might take about an hour total.

When it comes time to install the system, it’s best to follow the instructions that came with your specific model. There are several manufacturers out there, but perhaps the best and most well know is SeaStar Solutions. That’s what we installed on Brian’s boat, and I highly recommend the SeaStar hydraulic boat steering kit. It was super easy to install, and the performance is excellent so far.

We started out by installing the helm pump. Next up we ran the hydraulic hoses up from the transom to the helm. Be sure to keep your hoses and any opening in free of debris to prevent contamination. After that we hooked up the hoses to the hydraulic ram and bled the lines. Bleeding the hydraulic boat steering system is easy and there are a few videos on Youtube showing you how to do this.

Then it was time to mount the hydraulic cylinder. This is where the manufacturer instructions came in very handy. Once that was done, we attached the cylinder to the engine. Once everything was in place, we went around and secured all of the bolts and connections. That was it.

We took the boat out for about a 30 minute test drive and it performed great! Brian was ecstatic with the boat’s handling.

If you have any questions about installing your own SeaStar hydraulic boat steering system, feel free to leave a comment below.

303 Fabric Guard – Canada Residents Should Know About This Product

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I don’t normally like to use my blog as a place for product reviews, but I was so impressed with this product, I felt compelled, in this case. In Canada, we have long winters, that are often long, cold, windy and snowy. 303 Fabric Guard Canada is the only product I have found in my experience which holds up to the beating that only mother nature can deliver to all of your fabrics which are exposed to the outdoor elements, being wind, rain, cold, ice, and snow. 303 products are of high quality and I believe deliver the value for my hard earned money.

303 Fabric Guard Canada – Review From A Canadian Outdoorsman

Last year, I began using 303 Fabric Guard Canada on the fabric in my fishing boat. It is tremendous for water repellency and stain repellency. It restored my boat’s fabric to new. It had not looked that good in many years. I was shocked at the difference after use. My boat takes lots of exposure to the elements during the year, and it was amazing the difference for the better that I saw.

303 fabric guard canada

Then after seeing how well it worked on my fishing boat, I tried the 303 Fabric guard on my patio furniture and umbrella. Not surprisingly, I saw the same outstanding results. I then tried it on the fabric interior of my vehicle, and I was pleased there as well. You can imagine the abuse that my patio furniture takes in the Canadian elements. Having something that works this well is imperative up here in Canada.

I read on that you can use the 303 products on rugs also, and that will probably be next in line for me to try. I have no doubt in my mind that the results for this will be excellent. I am sure there are many other possible applications for the 303 Fabric Guard Canada for me to discover in the future as well.

I understand from a friend of mine here in Canada that there is also a 303 Vinyl Protectant in the line of products as well. I think that if more people knew about 303 products, that it would be a household name. I highly recommend it to all of my friends, and anyone else looking to protect their fabrics, especially here in Canada.

Where I Buy 303 Fabric Guard Canada

I have seen this product available in many retail outlets, but my choice for where to buy this product is Amazon. I have purchased from Amazon because their price is lower and their delivery is excellent. I can order from other places, but typically on other sites and in the retail stores the price is higher, and I am always looking for value for my money.

So my recommendation is to pick up some 303 Fabric Guard Canada and get out and protect your fabrics, and you will see the results for this product speaks for itself. You will save lots of money on your fabrics using this product over time, not to mention that it makes your fabrics appearance look better, and in many cases restores your fabric to close to its original factory condition and appearance.

Muskie Fishing In Canada: My Top Tips

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Muskie, AKA Musky, is the biggest and relatively uncommon predatory freshwater fish found in North America. They are nicknamed  the “Sharks of the north” and the largest member of the Esocidae or pike family. They have the reputation for being hard fighting and extremely aggressive. Muskie fishing in Canada is one of the most popular activities in Canada.

muskie fishing in canada

Musky Fishing In Ontario Canada

Ontario, Canada is one of the best destinations for Muskie fishing and also the home where some of the biggest Muskies ever caught. An average Muskie is in the range of 30-45 inch, but they can grow as big as 50-62 inch. Ontario is the best place to catch a monster Musky and there are some of the finest fishing lodges to make your fishing trip a memorable one.

Best Lakes For Muskie Fishing In Canada

If you are looking for Muskie Fishing in Canada and want to capture a trophy Musky, then we would suggest you to check out these lakes and rivers: Eagle Lake, Wabigoon Lake, Dinorwick Lake, Canyon Lake, French River, Lake Nipissing, Lake of the Woods, Ottawa River, St. Lawrence River, Lake Nosbonsin and Lake St. Clair. Even though Lac Suel (Lake of Soles) does not have an abundance of Muskies, it is also the home to some of the largest muskies reported in the last couple of years.

Best Season For Musky Fishing In Canada

Muskies are mainly found in weeds and rocks. So, if you find a lake with a good combination of rocks and weeds, then you are in a prime spot to catch a Muskie. During early season, Canadian Muskie can be found in emerging weed beds with warm water. As the summer approaches, Muskies often move away a little deeper and wait on the edge of weeds for it’s prey.

By mid-summer, they can be found on rock humps and weed or rock where the bait fish actively feeds. During the evening Muskies tend to get more active and can be found on reefs or isolated weed beds. During fall, you can find them on steep rock walls or open water where they chase baitfish. Every lake or river has its own seasonal peaks.
Some lakes that are shallow and have dark waters become more productive during early in the season, whereas deep lakes with clear water become productive in the latter half of the season.

Muskie Fishing Tips For Catching Muskies In Canada

There are various myths associated with Muskie fishing. You might have heard that you need to use really big lures or troll really fast to capture a Muskie. They are not always true when it comes to Muskie fishing.

Choice of Lures: Traditional myths suggest that you need to use bigger lures for catching a Muskie. The fact remains that you can catch a Muskie with any size lure. Anglers trolling with small, medium or big muskie lures are capable of catching Musky. The lure sizes depend on the amount of weeds inside the lake.

Trolling Speed: It is the key to a successful Muskie fishing trip. Many Muskie fishermen troll as fast as 10 MPH, but the ideal speed is between 4-8 MPH. You can catch Muskie by trolling very fast and generally the large Muskies tend to hit the faster baits. But with slower trolling you can catch Muskies of all sizes.

Tackle: It is recommended to use proper musky tackle. A bass rod, spinning rod or an old fiberglass musky rod would make your musky fishing more difficult. Using a rod which is too flexible or too light can make all the difference between catching a musky or not.

You need to choose a relatively long rod (around 7-8 feet) that will be able to handle the lures and help you in fishing. You also need to have a good bait casting reel to match your rod. Spinning reels or bass reels are not just good enough for musky fishing. When it comes to leaders, you should always look for a quality wire or steel leader with a sturdy ball bearing swivel.

Canadian Muskie Fishing: Patience Is Key

Patience is the key to successful Muskie fishing. You may fish for many hours and end up getting nothing and then start getting them like crazy in the next moment. It is important to have a positive attitude for Muskie fishing.

If ice fishing if more your style, be sure to check out our post on the best ice huts for ice fishing in Canada.

Happy Fishing!

Best Ice Huts For Sale For Canadian Fishermen

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If you are a fisherman you surely already know how to fish, but when you ice fish it is in a realm of its own. The biggest enemy we have when it comes to ice fishing is the cold. Which can be a challenge in itself, but it doesn’t have to be. The only challenge you should have when ice fishing is the actual fishing. So in order to spend less time worrying about staying warm you need to look into the best ice huts for sale! You can surely find some great deals out there, but just don’t go buying the first one you see.

Some folks live in areas where they never see what real cold is. That’s certainly not the case here in Canada, where everything freezes over. For some of us we love seeing the snow and playing on the ice. Plus, if you are a fisherman, it adds another sport to enjoy. Or a twist to one that you already do, which is ice fishing.

best ice huts for sale
Best Ice Huts for Sale – Size Matters

I know when I want to go fishing there are certain things I want to bring with me. So when I am looking for the best ice huts for sale online, I am looking for something that I can fit everything I need in it. Not only that, though, I want to be comfortable when I am getting my ice fishing on. It takes a little bit of room to reel those big Canadian fish in.

You also want to consider the size of your ice fishing shelter depending on if you want to be able to take it home every time you are done or leave it out on the ice for a bit. If you like to go to a different spot on the lake every time you will want something that is very portable and compact, especially if you are on foot. If you are able to get to it by vehicle, you may be able to go with a little bigger ice shack.

There are some great designs out there, such as the Clam 9130. They are unique in their designs for doors, hence the name. That they open and close just like a clam, making putting it up and taking it down easy for most to do solo if they have to. Again consider all aspects when picking the size when comparing the best ice huts for sale. Pick the ice shanty size that fits your needs. One place to find great comparisons of the best ice huts for sale is Outdoor Products US Network.

Best Ice Huts for Sale – Other Features To Consider

Not only is size important, but other features are also important when looking for the best ice huts for sale for ice fishing in Canada. Obviously, we already know the more features that you want, the more the price goes up. So you will have to figure out your budget. Once you know that, next is what you need from your ice hut. Things you should consider are how well insulated the ice shelter is, how portable is the fishing hut, does it have built in seating, and how durable are the materials that is is made from. With any reputable brand such as Eskimo, Clam or Frabill, you really can’t go wrong.

Best Ice Huts for Sale – Final Thoughts

So, always make sure that when you are looking for the best ice huts for sale that they offer the insulation thickness you are looking for, along with the other features that you desire. Again, some of the best ice fishing shelters would be any offered by Clam, Frabill, or Eskimo.

The Best Musky Lures For Summer Tiger Muskie Fishing

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The best Musky lures for summer Tiger Muskie is always open to debate among muskie anglers. Everyone has their secret tiger Muskie bait tricks. You have to respect the Tiger Muskie, these carnivorous fish are not that tough to lure once you know what the best lure to use for them is. Let’s take a look at some of the best musky lures for summer tiger muskie fishing.

The Best Musky Lures For Summer Tiger Muskie

Lures for Tiger Muskie and Pike are interchangeable (they are in the same family). What works for one usually will work for the other. Tiger Muskie are formidable opponents that require the right lure, the right amount of skill and some out and out luck to snag.

best muskie lures for tiger muskie

If you are lucky enough to arrive in time for a feeding frenzy early in the season than you are already in a good position and any of the lures will work. If you arrive later in the season, word gets out fast among the Tiger Muskie it seems, and they get used to the lures, so getting their attention gets harder.

They are carnivorous fish that luckily also happen to be curious and hungry a great deal of the time which is why the right lure plays such an important role. You have to be able to get their attention and the right lure is going to come through every time. There is a certain amount of skill involved as well when you are using a lure to bag a Muskie. For more overall tiger muskie fishing tips, be sure to check out

Best Muskie Lures for Tiger Muskie – MEPPS Magnum Musky Killer Bucktails

The MEPPS Magnum Musky Killer Bucktails are usually one of the best muskie lures for Tiger Muskie. This is a tried a true lure that all the well-known sports fisherman swear by. The have all the qualities that make them a great choice. They offer a great deal of flash with a durable solid blade.

Best Muskie Lure for Tiger Muskie – Crankbaits

The crankbaits lures work great for Tiger Muskie angling. The most prominent feature of the crankbaits is the lip which is crafted so that the lure will plane right through the water. The length of the bill is a good determinant in how deep the crankbait will dive.

Using this type of lure for Tiger Muskie is as easy as casting and reeling. No special technique is required to get results with this type of lure.

Best Musky Lures for Tiger Muskie – Bull Dawgs

Of the best Musky lures for sale, the bull dawgs can be used as jerkbait, crankbaits and jig. The Bulldawgs move at a 45 degree angle as they swim down which draws the attention of the Muskie. The Bull dawgs are favored by many sport anglers.

Best Muskie Lures for Tiger Muskie – Spinners

The spinners have been around for a long time, they have been used historically for Tiger Muskie and other Pike fish. They work great to get the Muskie’s attention but they can be a little frustrating because they can cause the line to get tangled.

Best Muskie Lures For Sale – Conclusion

There is no bigger thrill than catching your fist Muskie and there is just something so much more satisfying about catching a fish that is truly a challenge to catch. Muskie’s are a favorite sports fish because they do represent a challenge. They are smart fish so evening up the playing field by using the right lure can help.

Seasoned anglers all have their favorite secret lures and are not usually willing to share their secrets but a little trial and error using the lures listed here can help you to determine what works for you and what does not.

Every lure is not going to be the perfect lure for every angler. It is a combination of lure and skill set that identifies which lure is going to work for you.

Looking At The Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews Online

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Are you looking for the best wireless fish finders? If you want to save money on quality, cheap fish finders, the first place to start is with the best portable fish finder reviews online. Take a deeper look at the advantages and disadvantages of various wireless fish finders from the top manufacturers, such as Garmin, Humminbird, and Lowrance. Here are some of the best portable fish finder reviews online for you to consider.

best portable fish finder reviews online

best portable fish finder reviews online

Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews – What To Look For

As you begin reading a selection of the best portable fish finder reviews, you should pay attention to some key features of wireless fish finders. When reading the best portable fish finder reviews, make sure that you look at the following features:

  • Range and depth of the sonar
  • Size and resolution of the screen
  • Ability to load custom maps
  • Options for saving checkpoints or sonar readings
  • Mounting options
  • Ease of use and additional features

Those are a few of the primary features that you may want to examine, as you go through the best portable fish finder reviews.

First, look at the range and depth of the sonar transducer. Depending on the depth of the lake that you are fishing in, this could be a crucial factor in choosing cheap fish finders. Both Lowrance and Humminbird are known for producing high-quality transducers, with depths that should satisfy the needs of any angler.

You should also examine the GPS system, when reading the best portable fish finder reviews online. Look at the size and resolution of the screen. Some anglers may have trouble reading a smaller screen. Garmin has been manufacturing GPS units for years, for fish finders and for automobiles; though, other wireless fish finders may have comparable GPS systems.

Some wireless fish finders also come equipped with the option to save GPS checkpoints, so that you can hit the same spot on your next fishing trip. The ability to load custom maps is useful for those that previously saved maps from their last wireless fish finder or for those that do not have access to a wireless connection for downloading new maps.

When you start browsing the best portable fish finder reviews, also look at the mounting options. The location where you decide to mount a cheap fish finder could impact the ability of the transducer to get accurate readings.

After you have examined some of the key features found in the best portable fish finder reviews, consider any other settings or custom features that you are interested in. Read more about the ease of use of various cheap fish finders, especially if you have never used a fish finder before.

How Can the Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews Help You?

By taking the time to read about the top features of various wireless fish finders, you will find it easier to choose a cheap fish finder that will meet your needs. As you read some of the best portable fish finder reviews, you should look at the features and options that are most important to you.

How important is the depth of the wireless fish finder? Do you need a large, high-resolution screen? Will you require the ability to save checkpoints and load custom maps? These are the types of questions that you should ask yourself, as you read the best portable fish finder reviews.

Discover the Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews

If you are ready to begin your search for cheap fish finders from Garmin, Humminbird, or Lowrance, start reading the best portable fish finder reviews online over at Compare models, features, prices, and narrow down your selection of wireless fish finders, so that you can make the best selection possible.

Before you decide to pick up a Garmin, Humminbird, or Lowrance wireless fish finder, take a moment to look over the best portable fish finder reviews.